Colorado Legalizes Psychedelic Mushrooms for Personal and Medical Use

Colorado voters passed the legalization of psychedelic mushrooms on Tuesday; the move will let people aged 21 or older grow and share psychedelic mushrooms and will establish state-regulated “healing centers” where people can make appointments to consume psilocybin in a controlled environment.

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Colorado voters on Tuesday approved a ballot initiative to legalize psychedelic plants and fungi for adults by a 52.3% to 47.7% margin, according to Associated Press data. The measure will allow people 21 and older to grow and share psychedelic mushrooms and create state-regulated “healing centers” where people could make appointments to consume psilocybin but does not permit retail sales.  

In a statement to the Colorado Sun, co-proponents, Kevin Matthews and Veronica Lightening Horse Perez, said voters “saw the benefit of regulated access to natural medicines, including psilocybin, so people with PTSD, terminal illness, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues can heal.” 

Luke Niforatos, chairman of Protect Colorado’s Kids, told the Sun that voters are allowing “billionaires, startups, and entrepreneurs” to take control of medicine in this state instead of “scientists, medical doctors, and the [Food and Drug Administration.]”  

“We now need to have a very frank and public conversation about who is in charge of medicine. This is now the second time our state has rejected the FDA process.” — Niforatos to the Sun 

The measure will also allow facilities to expand to three more plant-based psychedelics in 2026, including ibogaine, mescaline, and DMT. Mental health centers and substance abuse treatment clinics also could seek licenses to offer psychedelic treatment. 

Colorado joins Oregon and Washington D.C. in reforming their laws related to natural psychedelics. 

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