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Colorado Florist Relishing Cannabis Space with “Weed Weddings”

A Colorado-based florist has expanded her business to include cannabis bouquets and infused weddings, filling a gap that remained two years into state legalization, CNBC reports. The company motto is “Straight from your bouquet to your bowl.”

“You can literally take it out and smoke it,” Bec Koop, owner of Buds & Blossoms, said in the report.

According to Koop, many venues don’t want people consuming cannabis on-site because of legal restrictions; however, she sought out cannabis friendly venues that allow her to host the weddings and receptions. Those events usually include a “bud bar” which can run up to $85 an hour. Along with two partners, she started the Cannabis Wedding Expo, where vendors, venues and couples can connect to plan the perfect cannabis-infused wedding.

“One day as I was working at the dispensary up in Alma, Colorado, I happened to have some extra flowers left over from an event,” she said. “I decided to cut down my own personal [cannabis] plant out of my garden, put some red roses around [the] plant and said, ‘Oh, my God! Weed weddings!’”

She started the business with a 35-page business plan and $1,500. Her first ‘weed wedding’ — Alice in Wonderland themed — was held on April 20, 2014. She has already performed 12 weddings this year after just six in 2015. Additionally, she hosts other events such as yoga brunches, bachelorette parties, and food pairings.

“I’ve dealt with many ‘bridezillas’ on the traditional side, and all of my cannabis couples are so cool and comfortable and relaxed,” Koop said. “If they start to get worked up, I’m like, ‘Smoke this joint, you’re going to feel better in a minute, trust me.’”

Koop’s clients provide the cannabis and gift it to her; she then incorporates into different packages. She cannot directly purchase the cannabis because then she would need to obtain a cannabis retailer license. Additionally, under state law, one cannot drive with more than 2 ounces of cannabis, which forced her to make several trips for larger events.

She eventually aims to franchise the business and has already begun phasing out her traditional florist business.       

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