Cheef Botanicals Introduces Private Labeling For Its CBD Products

First online CBD platform to introduce private labeling for its CBD products

Commerce, California (12th September 2022) – Cheef Botanicals introduces private labeling for its CBD products to allow ‘store brands’ to resell the product with exclusive branding. The CBD market has been on a bull run since the legalization of hemp via the Farm Bill of 2018. The market grew by a whopping $550 million in 2021 approximately and is expected to reach $3150 million by 2028 approximately. Therefore, because it seemed high time to contribute to the CBD industry, Cheef Botanicals introduced the dynamic of private labeling to help small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow with the industry and become profitable. Cheef Botanicals wants people to consume vegan CBD products extracted from organic Colorado-grown hemp with multiple health benefits.

Why Is Private Labeling Popular In The Hemp Industry?

Private labeling is where a third party forms an agreement with a manufacturer on terms where the concerned party uses the already manufactured products and sells them under custom-made labels and brand tags. Private labeling helps small businesses sell high-quality manufactured products with customized branding. Private labeling is slightly different from traditional white labeling. The manufacturer provides the base product and makes the specific design, branding, and labeling customizations regarding white labeling. The third party must choose only from the available options and make deals accordingly.

CBD Products Offered By Cheef Botanicals For Private Labeling:

CBD Gummies:
Cheef offers CBD gummy cubes and potent vegan CBD gummies in 5 flavors.

CBD Lotions & Balms:
CBD lotions and balms by Cheef botanicals are widely popular because of their fast-acting ability and skincare properties. The popular varieties are CBD body lotions, CBD salves, and balms.

CBD Flower:
The brand provides high-potency CBD flower, pre-rolls, and joints which are available for private labeling.

About Cheef Botanicals
Cheef Botanicals is an online CBD marketplace run by a team of experienced hemp enthusiasts making potent CBD products. Over several years of operations, the brand made a mark in the hemp industry by selling premium and potent CBD and CBG products. Cheef Botanicals becomes the first brand to introduce private labeling for CBD products and contributes to boosting the hemp industry. Visit the official website to know more about private labeling.