CF Portable Vaporizer by Boundless

Boundless was established in 2016 with the goal to figure out how to provide the best vape technology for a thick draw at a good price. Since their inception, Boundless has created dry herb vapes, concentrate vapes, and hybrids that can do both. In this review, we tried the Boundless CF Vaporizer, a combination vape that is affordable and functional. 

The body of the vaporizer is curved ergonomically to fit perfectly in your hand. There is a mouthpiece on the top of the device that slides around to provide a flattened straw-like mouthpiece for the inhale. The herb chamber sits below this and can be accessed by sliding the entire plastic lid to the right and popping it off completely. This vaporizer is pretty simple to use while not sacrificing much functionality. 

How to use Boundless CF Vape:
  • Charge the battery using the provided cord, the first charge will take around 3 hours. 
  • The LED light shines green when the device is fully charged.
  • Click the power button on the side of the vape 5 times fast to turn it on, blue LED lights will flash to indicate that it’s activated and has begun heating.
  • Click the button twice fast to bring the temperature up to one of the five settings: 355°F, 370°F, 385°F, 400°F, and 415°F. The vape is heated when the indicator lights stop flashing.
  • Slide the top of the device to the right to reveal the herb chamber, load ground herbs in. Be mindful of not putting fingers directly into the lip of the chamber as it gets pretty hot. 
  • Once the vape is loaded and heated just draw out of the mouthpiece, it is recommended to start on a lower temperature and move the temps up as the session goes on.
  • To check the battery life click the power button 3 times fast, the indicator LEDs will light to show how much battery is left.
    • 5 lights indicate 100%
    • 4 lights indicate 80%
    • 3 lights indicate 60%
    • 2 lights indicate 40%
    • 1 light indicates 20%
    • All lights will continuously blink when the battery is almost dead.
  • To turn off the LED lights hold the power button down for two seconds straight. 
Vaping concentrates:
  • Grab the Liquid/Waxy chamber from the setup kit.
  • Screw off the top of the chamber to reveal cotton wick.
  • Drop liquid extract or wax into the cotton and screw the top back on.
  • Drop the whole Waxy setup into the heating chamber in the heated CF.
  • Close the lid, open the draw straw and pull. 

Using the CF vape is pretty simple: just heat, load, and draw. There are small nuances to be aware of, though. For example, it takes effort to avoid burning your finger while loading the vape. Because of this, having a tamp or small shovel-like tool is pretty essential. The chamber does heat up quickly but it’s also important to not load the herbs until the device is fully heated, otherwise, the herb will get vaped to nowhere during the heating process.

With the type of continuous heating chamber, it’s important to note that the herb is continuously heating so the session must be quick and efficient or bud will be wasted. It does sit in the hand quite nicely — the ergonomic shape definitely does the job — however, it is not incognito with the big draw straw, so if that is your aim this device may not be for you.

All in all, dry herb is vaped pretty evenly and the experience was a positive one. This is a great dry herb vape for beginners and experts, offering both easy use and base features. For those looking to vape extracts, this is a beginner only device as the cotton wick system isn’t desired among most wax connoisseurs.

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