Cannabis Industry Experts Discuss the Latest Strategies for Navigating Regulations in Chorus’s Upcoming Webinar

As cannabis regulations evolve, operators must adapt their cannabis compliance and risk management strategies. Join Chorus Compliance’s upcoming webinar, “Thriving or Surviving? How Regulatory Policies Impact the Success of Cannabis Retail Operators,” on March 21st at 11 AM PST. This live event will feature a panel of seasoned industry experts discussing the latest cannabis regulations, licensing, and investment.

The speakers include Hirsh Jain, Founder of Ananda Strategy; Zander Abrams, Principal of CPF Ventures; Juliana Whitney, Founder of Cann Strategy; and Eric Lutringer, a cannabis compliance executive.

This webinar aims to provide attendees with valuable insights into the nuances of the latest cannabis regulations, which parts of the regulatory landscape enhance opportunities for retailers (and which hinder them), and strategies for overcoming compliance challenges.

“We’re thrilled to bring together industry experts to help cannabis retail operators navigate complex regulatory environments,” said Adriana Hemans, Director of Marketing for Chorus. “This webinar is an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn from experienced professionals and connect with other operators facing similar challenges.”

Registration for the webinar is now open. To reserve your seat and gain valuable insights into cannabis compliance, risk management, and software solutions, please visit

About Chorus Compliance, LLC
Chorus Compliance, LLC, was originally launched as a division of SC Labs. In September of 2022, Chorus Compliance, LLC became a standalone business entity. The company’s mission is to support licensed operators in the legal cannabis market with smart, affordable software solutions to establish audit readiness, drive business optimization, and ensure compliance. The Chorus Compliance platform allows license holders to keep up with complex and ever-changing regulations, conduct self-audits, communicate SOPs efficiently across the organization, establish best practices, retain talent, and safeguard their operations from fines and loss of license.