Cannabis Smoking Board Game is Released for Retail

A social board game inspired by the cannabis community is introduced to the market, made by designer and entrepreneur Gary Schwartz. Roll-a-Bong, a cannabis smoking board game, is now available for all cannabis consumers and gamers.

Roll-a-Bong is a board game dedicated to the community of marijuana smokers who enjoy smoking while playing board games. Roll-a-Bong is designed for smoking fun and should be used by choice. Players can jump in and out of the game as desired since no one needs to win or even finish the game.

Why a marijuana board game now?

The first year of legalized cannabis in the U.S. recorded $699 million in combined sales. $76 million in combined tax and licensing revenue. Colorado’s marijuana businesses have a cash flow problem: too much cash is flowing in and they have nowhere to put it. Most banks refuse to work with marijuana businesses, which are legal in Colorado but remain illegal at the federal level. There are 284 dispensaries now operating in Colorado. According to a Huffington Post story from 01/26/2015 there are now five states boasting marijuana markets larger than $100 million. More than 1,5 million people purchased legal marijuana from dispensaries (medical or recreational) in 2014. In Colorado and Washington, the first U.S. states to open retail marijuana shops, consumers bought marijuana products for $370 million in 2014. Oregon and Alaska are projected to add a combined $275 million in retail marijuana sales in their first year of operation. Needless to say, business is booming and it’s an ever-growing market.

A story in the Boston Globe from 11/26/14 heralds that “Board games are back” and that “The biggest problem after some of these companies go through Kickstarter is they don’t have the connections to sell [their game] into the hobby market.” A good example of the state of the gaming industry is the company Game Salute. They help indie designers with sales, distribution, warehousing, and even Kickstarter consulting. Its business has grown from representing a dozen clients in 2008 to more than 100 active clients today, and now the company sells and distributes more than 250 products. “Every year, we’re just seeing huge growth,” they say.

The marijuana industry is seeing historic growth. The board game industry is seeing huge growth. Roll-a-Bong positions itself to profit from both markets. With thousands of new legal smokers each month, a cannabis smoking game could really satisfy this new market. Roll-a-Bong is not just a cannabis smoking game – it is a community building game that helps people get to know each other and have an entertaining time while smoking pot.

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