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Cannabis Disposal Bins Are Not ‘Free Weed Bins,’ Toronto Airport Clarifies

Pearson International Airport has clarified following a viral social media post that cannabis disposal bins in the airport are not “free weed bins,” Gizmodo reports.

A photo of one of Pearson Airport’s cannabis disposal bins for travelers leaving Canada went viral on Reddit with the caption, “Pearson International installed a ‘free weed’ bin :)”

Greater Toronto Airport Authority spokesperson Robin Smith quickly set the record straight.

“‘Free weed’ is resoundingly incorrect, and I think that’s putting it mildly. Once something goes into the container, it doesn’t come out. … The new cannabis disposal containers will be securely closed to allow deposits into them, with nothing taken out. These containers will continue to be monitored.” — Robin Smith, via Gizmodo

Canadians flying on domestic flights are allowed to bring cannabis with them. The bins at the Toronto airport are for passengers who are leaving Canada, which has federally legalized cannabis, separating it from every other country in the world except Uruguay.

Passengers can ditch their forgotten-until-the-last-minute cannabis in the provided bins. The bins, however, are monitored by security and emptied by a disposal service — sorry, everyone.



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