Cannabis Consumers Run to End the War On Drugs In Massachusetts

“We run to restore our communities that are devastated by the racially motivated War on Drugs,” said Saskia VannJames. Activists from a Massachusetts-based local nonprofit, MRCC, will run the virtual 5k run, ‘Restore Our Communities’ continuing their annual tradition of cannabis consumers, previously as part of the Cambridge 5k, running to raise awareness for their communities.

Pre-pandemic life, MRCC consumers ran in the Cambridge 5k publicized to beer drinkers, the annual race which runs through East Cambridge and Inman Square, draws a crowd of mostly 25- to 34-year-olds with a slogan of “We run for freedom and local beer.”

But the cooperatively ran nonprofit Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC), wants to switch up this year’s focus with a virtual run focusing on their communities.

“We run to support transformative justice for our communities still drowning from the War on Drugs and break the ‘lazy stoner’ stigma as zero funds from cannabis tax revenue have gone towards restorative justice and the racial disparity between black vs white MA consumers has only increased since legalization and decriminalization,” said Saskia VannJames, Lobbyist of MRCC.

MRCC is also running to bring awareness to Senate Bill H.2119 filed by Representative Liz Miranda to further support that substance abuse is a public health issue, not a criminal one, and for people with possession to be met with a public health screening or fine, instead of prison.

“As cannabis consumers who advocate for responsible consumption, we are acutely aware of the need to treat substance abuse,” VannJames said.

Saskia VannJames, lobbyist
617-221-6397 (cell)

Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council
6 Liberty Square #6075
Boston, MA 02109