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Cannabis Activist Charlo Greene Kickstarts New “Oprah For Weed” Show

Marijuana activist Charlo Greene, the former Alaska news reporter who famously quit on live TV, has launched a new show on Kickstarter that she calls “The Oprah Winfrey Show — for WEED.”

After reporting on the broken medical marijuana system in Alaska, she launched a new career as a marijuana activist and entrepreneur. According to her Kickstarter, the new show, The Charlo Green Show, will showcase her cross-country journey to advocate for cannabis reform. “The funds [from the Kickstarter] will also go toward securing a mobile studio so we can literally take you on this revolutionary road with us,” she wrote on the Kickstarter’s page.

Greene originally intended the show to publish once a week online — thus the Kickstarter — but reports that she’s been approached by major networks about taking it to television for a five-day-per-week schedule.

The show will feature stories from the lives of people touched by cannabis, including families of children struggling with epilepsy. Greene will also focus on women and minorities entering the cannabis business.

“We’re covering a wide range of topics and we know it’s important to show how connected the movement is in different places,” she said. “The show is going to be a bit of everywhere.”

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