Canna Cribs Visits Humboldt’s First Licensed Recreational Farm

Canna Cribs Episode 5 is out this morning on YouTube and the website.

In its fifth episode, the online mini-documentary series features Humboldt County’s Honeydew Farms, one of the first large-scale cannabis cultivators in California. Honeydew operates on a 600-acre agricultural preserve nestled in the California North Coast’s Kings Range foothills. The mountainous region affords Honeydew a variety of growing microclimates that can range in altitudes of 200 to up to 900 feet, which helps create very distinctive batches of cannabis crops.

In this episode, Canna Cribs host Nate Lipton joins co-owner Alex Moore to witness Honeydew Farm’s unique location and talk about being a family-owned and family-run farm in the rapidly commercialized California industry.

In the interview, Moore talks about co-owning the farm with his wife Miranda, discusses his experience as one of Humboldt’s legacy growers during the 1990s, and offers an in-depth explanation of Honeydew’s in-house propagation process and their strategies and go-to products for the vegetation stage — which includes organic soil custom-made by local company TeaLAB.

The Canna Cribs team briefly meets up with TeaLAB owner Luke Besmer, who says that a combination of factors — cost, ease of use, and quality — explain why his compost teas are so popular among Humboldt’s many outdoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivators.

Beyond Honeydew’s unique location and dedication to organic, reusable soil, this Canna Cribs tour also investigates the farm’s drying and curing processes, trimming decisions (all flower is hand-trimmed by professionals), branding and packaging strategies, and intense dedication to preserving the final product for consumers.

Check out Canna Cribs Episode 5, featuring Honeydew Farms, via the player below:

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