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California Regulators OK Statewide Cannabis Delivery

Regulators have officially approved statewide cannabis delivery — even in places where retail sales and operations are banned.

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On Wednesday, regulators in California gave approval for statewide cannabis delivery, even in communities where the cannabis industry is banned or products not sold, USA Today reports.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control sought to clarify misunderstandings about laws and regulations that seemed to be in conflict. Opposition opinions held that the delivery rules undercut local control and regulations, and that local control over cannabis should be left to individual communities. The state law that voters approved in 2016, however, provides for access to cannabis everywhere in the state, at least through some means.

Cannabis companies and private citizens had largely favored establishing the statewide delivery system.

“The public spoke loud and clear in favor of statewide delivery.” — Alex Traverso, a California Bureau of Cannabis Control spokesperson, in a statement

Large patches of California — one of the largest states in the U.S. — have no immediate access to cannabis, whether because of local bans or long distance drives to the nearest dispensary.

The rule is expected to be challenged in court, however, as many police chiefs and the League of California Cities opposed the proposal; dissidents argued that the delivery rules undercut local control and regulations. The issue could potentially be considered by the California state legislature.

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