Brief: Latest Poll Shows Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative is Winning

A recent poll conducted by Ivan Moore indicates that Ballot Measure 2 — Alaska’s hotly debated initiative to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana like alcohol — is winning by about 18 percentage points. The exact numbers of the poll indicate 57.2 percent in favor, 38.7 percent opposed, and 4.2 percent neutral or undecided. The sample size was 568 voters, and the margin of error is 4.1 percent.

This news will be a relief for marijuana advocates, as the last widely-publicized poll in Alaska showed the legalization initiative trailing behind its opposition. The latest poll is especially significant because it presented the question exactly how voters will be seeing it come November:

There is an initiative on the General election ballot that would tax and regulate the production, sale, and use of marijuana in Alaska. Criminal penalties would be removed for adults over the age of 21 who possess up to an ounce of marijuana, and constitutional protections allowing home cultivation would be preserved.

The subject of Alaska’s legalization campaign dominated national headlines a few weeks ago when ex-TV reporter Sharlo Greene announced on national television that she was quitting her job for marijuana advocacy. Greene also owns the Alaska Cannabis Club, and ran a very successful Indiegogo campaign following her heavy media exposure that raised more than $11,000 for the legalization cause.


Photo Credit: Coleen Whitfield

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