Cannabis Book
The Cannabis Spa At Home: How to Make Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh, and More

by Sanda Hinchliffe

Cannabis is an ingredient that has been used in Eastern traditional health practices, but these practices haven’t reached Western spa culture yet. This book shares 75 recipes and methods for spa treatments that can be made at home but are good enough for a professional spa. These recipes are preservative and allergen-free but that’s not all. They also harness the skin deep healing power of cannabis. Lotions, poultices, salves, scrubs, and baths are some of the ways that people have been using marijuana spa for managing pain, soothing skin irritations, and simply enhancing the all-around spa experience. An ideal book for a spa practitioner and, honestly, anyone with a kitchen!

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