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Cannabis Book
Marijuana: Growing Marijuana, A QuickStart Indoor And Outdoor Grower’s Guide For Medical And Personal Marijuana

by G. Keller & R. Moore

The recent leniency and change in public attitude when it comes to marijuana use has made it quite the popular choice, especially for people wanting to test out their ‘green’ thumb. This book is going to teach you how to do just that! Everything that you need to know to plant, grow, harvest, and cure a marijuana plant for the highest quality buds. How to growing in soil both indoors and outdoors, Different types of hydroponic setups, How to choose the different elements for your setup, How to grow from either a seed or a clone, The use of proper water, light, and nutrient levels to nurture a young marijuana plant to a thriving harvest, How to troubleshoot possible problems, and How to harvest, dry, and cure your marijuana for the best quality, smokeable bud.

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