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Clinical Applications for Cannabis & Cannabinoids: A Review of the Recent Scientific Literature

by Paul Armentano

This report seeks to provide this guidance by highlighting hundreds of relevant, recently published scientific research (2000-2020) on the therapeutic potential of cannabis and cannabinoids for a variety of indications. This summary of the available peer-reviewed research is among the most comprehensive reviews available in the modern literature and is the result of hundreds of hours of research and writing.

In some of these cases, modern science is now affirming longtime anecdotal reports of medical cannabis users (e.g., the use of cannabis to alleviate GI disorders). In other cases, this research is highlighting entirely new potential clinical utilities for cannabinoids (e.g., the use of cannabinoids to modify the progression of diabetes). In all cases, science has sufficiently made the case that cannabis is safe and effective for certain patient populations. This fact should no longer be the subject of any serious debate.

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