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Bluebird Botanicals CBD and Hemp Extract Review

Bluebird Botanicals are makers of several Hemp extracts created to allow people anywhere in the world the benefits of pure, healthy cannabinoids.

We recently received several samples of their various products for consideration, including pure CBD distillate and CBD vape juice on top of their whole-plant Hemp extracts. None of the Bluebird Botanicals extracts contain THC, so they won’t get you “high” the way THC-containing cannabis will. It’s just pure medicine.

Bluebird Botanicals pride themselves on the purity of their extracts. All product batches have third party analysis data available for customer review, providing the complete transparency to back up their claims — extremely unusual in the CBD and hemp extract market. Many CBD brands make claims that have no laboratory information backing them up and may even contain contaminants.

We enjoyed our experience with the products. All five provided us with the calming feeling that comes with clean and pure non-THC cannabinoid supplements. The CBD vape juice worked great in our vaporizers and the soft gels were a great way to avoid the somewhat bitter aftertaste that came from both the complete and classic whole-plant extracts. We also experimented with using the extracts as a great way to help come down a bit when we overdid it on THC-containing cannabis — it definitely helped!

The whole plant extracts, however, contain terpenes and other cannabinoids that are proven to have distinct medical effects for different conditions–the taste is a mild concern if they improve your quality of life. The “Complete” extract even contains the forms of cannabinoids only available from decarboxylated–cured or heated–hemp, which truly makes the extract full-spectrum.

If you use CBD for medicinal purposes or want to experiment with the anti-inflammatory properties of the full-spectrum hemp plant, there’s no safer and cleaner way than Bluebird Botanicals. The trust inspired by their transparency of testing and the wide array of products makes their extracts our first choice.

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