Bloom’s Cannabis AI Exceeds Human Visual Capability

Trimming Machine Distinguishes Cannabis Leaf, Flowers

WOBURN, MA — Bloom Automation Inc., an agri-tech company specializing in robotics and cannabis trimming equipment, today announced a new achievement for artificial intelligence: the ability to analyze cannabis floral structure with human-like accuracy.

The increase in visual acuity enables Bloom’s trimming machine to trim cannabis flowers more closely without the risk of damage or compromised market value.

Advances in machine learning prompted the improvements, along with a larger database of analyzed images and a software update.

“The new AI algorithms are 97% accurate in distinguishing leaf from flower,” said Jon Gowa, CEO and Founder of Bloom Automation. “That accuracy is far superior to the average human trimmer who’s subject to fatigue and inattentiveness on the production line.”

Gowa anticipates other cannabis applications for the AI, including automated defoliation in multi-tier grow rooms, harvest-weight prediction, and foliage density assessment to mitigate micro-climates that breed pathogens.

Bloom’s trimmer uses a robotic arm with rotary shears to remove leaves from flowers while they remain attached to the stem. Utilizing a stereoscopic sensor array and AI-driven algorithms, the machine quickly distinguishes flowers from leaves for precise trimming. An integrated vacuum on the robotic arm collects leaves as they’re removed.

The latest AI development signals a new era of automation for the multi-billion dollar industry, which is heavily reliant on manual labor. The Bloom trimmer reduces labor expenditures by processing cannabis at twice the speed of a human trimmer.

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