Bloom Releases 2.0 AI Software for Cannabis Processing

Artificial Intelligence Improves Speed, Accuracy of Cannabis Trimming

WOBURN, MA — Bloom Automation Inc., an agri-tech company specializing in cannabis trimming equipment, today released the Bloom Artificial Intelligence Engine 2.0 — a suite of new algorithms that visually analyze cannabis flowers for faster, more accurate machine trimming.

The AI software update makes Bloom’s robotic cannabis trimming system twice as fast as human trimmers and creates possibilities for other identification-related tasks such as defoliation, harvest weight prediction, and flower bucking.

“We’re excited to announce Bloom’s 2.0 AI Engine for more reasons than one,” said Jon Gowa, CEO and Founder of Bloom. “The new AI increases the speed of our machine while also opening the door to support a wide range of third-party applications and equipment.”

The AI performance leap is powered by a confluence of machine learning advances and an ever-expanding database of images collected through years of R&D. Updates to the system’s graphics processing unit (GPU) also enabled the update.

The Bloom trimming system works by manicuring the flowers before their removal from the stem using a robotic arm and cameras to visualize which leaves to remove. The machine shears the leaves cleanly and prevents the overhandling common to traditional, hand-trimming methods.

With cannabis processing expenses estimated at more than 20% of total cultivation costs, the faster AI may save Bloom’s clients millions in the coming years. Increasing price pressures make operational efficiencies critical for cannabis cultivators, and Bloom’s advancements lower labor costs while maintaining top quality.

Non-cannabis applications could include ripeness assessment for fruits and vegetables, as well as automated harvesting.

For more information about Bloom Automation or the Bloom Artificial Intelligence Engine 2.0, contact Shannon Hagerty, Marketing and Business Associate, at