Blazin Bottles: Blaze with Discretion and for a Cause

Colorado Springs, ColoradoBlazin Bottles is a revolutionary product that was just introduced to the market earlier this year. Blazin Bottles is a veteran-owned company based out of Colorado that offers classy and discreet glass smoking accessories in a variety of styles. These are not your ordinary pipes, though. Blazin Bottles are unique steamrollers designed to give you an incredible smoking experience at an affordable price.

When not in use, Blazin Bottles can be discreetly displayed anywhere within your home and no one will be wise to the fact that they are used for cannabis consumption. This offers a level of discretion for both medical marijuana patients who may not want pipes and bongs on display in their house as well as for those individuals living in prohibition states where a pipe could land you in jail.

According to Blazin Bottles, their one goal is to provide their users with “an affordable, easy to clean, unique pipe, that can be hidden in plain sight.”

Blazin Bottle steamrollers are available in a variety of different styles but they are all designed to provide the same elevated smoking experience. Their patent-pending unique design offers a carburetor that is much smaller than those found on many steamrollers today. This unique design provides a smoother hit due to the slow intake of oxygen to the steamroller chamber during use. Each product comes with a Blazin Bottle bag for storage, two different sized bowls, a small airtight keychain container, a vinyl Blazin Bottles sticker and a wax sealed welcome letter with an outline of how to care for your Blazin Bottle.

Blazing Bottles is also devoted to giving back through charitable donations and other opportunities. Their Blazin for a Cause program helps to benefit many different organizations centered around medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis such as PTSD, Epilepsy, and Cancer. For every Blazin Bottle Shortstack steamroller purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to an organization in the Blazin for a Cause program. Blazin Bottles also offers an ambassador program which is, in essence, a street team that helps to promote the company’s mission and products to the world. Ambassadors earn points for every Blazin Bottle they help to sell that can be redeemed for prizes ranging from gift cards and Blazin Bottles to vacations and even cars! Stay tuned for more from Blazin Bottles as they will soon be introducing a program where you can send in any glass or crystal bottle you choose and have it turned into a custom Blazin Bottle!

About Blazin Bottles

Blazin Bottles began as an idea of Taylor Wiederkehr and his father Wyatt who is a Marine Corps Veteran. The idea of Blazin Bottles came to be after Taylor and his father purchased a steamroller and found many flaws within it. They started to brainstorm ideas for turning a regular glass bottle into a steamroller in January of 2016. After several different prototypes including six bowl variations and 12 carb sizes, Blazin Bottles officially launched their company on April 15th, 2016 just 3 months later.

Contact Blazin Bottles

Name: Taylor Wiederkehr