Children raising their hands during a school assembly.


One of the major concerns around cannabis has always been youth access. However, like adults, some kids need cannabis products to help them live normal, healthy lives.

All but nine states have now softened their stance on either medical cannabis or high CBD cannabis products specifically to help children suffering from epilepsy. These advances in MMJ reform have brought up interesting questions around kids and cannabis — the least of which is how to safely administer cannabis to kids at school.

It is illegal to bring cannabis onto a school campus in Washington state. A new bill filed in the 2017 session seeks to change that and treat cannabis like other prescribed medicines. HB 1060, a.k.a. Maddie & Ducky’s Law, will allow parents, guardians, or caregivers to administer oral cannabis to students at school, on a school bus, or at school-sponsored events.

Meagan Holt, whose daughter Maddie uses cannabis to treat her Zellweger syndrome said, “Maddie & Ducky’s Law would allow medically complex children, like Maddie, to safely access an education. Schools already have policies around safe use of other controlled substances. All we are asking is that cannabis be included in those policies because, for kids like Madeline, cannabis is a life-saving medication that she can not go without.”

Holt said she’s been humbled by the support the 3-page bill has garnered in Olympia and is optimistic about it passing this session.

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