Atomic9 Vaporizer Review

It’s clear just by looking at the Cloudious9 product line that the company is intent on standing out as individuals in vaporizer technology. A few years ago they launched the Hydrology9, a water-filtered dry herb vape that lights up like a lava lamp when operating in ‘Party Mode’. The Hydrology is revered as an at-home vape because it is a bit heavy and does tend to lose charge quickly. That is why the Cloudious9 team has introduced the Atomic9, a lightweight and low profile dry herb vape.

The Atomic9 fits discreetly in the palm of our hands and easily into a pocket or purse. It vapes at six optimal temperatures, 356°F, 374°F, 392°F, 410°F, 428°F, and 446°F. Each set-up contains a ‘Vapor Guide’ that explains what vape experience will result from each temperature setting. The entire Atomic9 is made up of 11 components and despite the elegant experience it provides, it’s simple to use.

How to use the Atomic9:

  1. Flip the mouthpiece open by following the arrow indicator. 
  2. Use the small silver slide on the body of the vape to slide the shovel up out of the chamber.
  3. Scoop herb into the heating chamber using the shovel and tamp lightly. Wipe away herb from the heating chamber to allow mouthpiece to close properly and close the mouthpiece. 
  4. If the vape is off press small oval button three times quickly to turn it on.
  5. Once the vape turns on it will begin heating to the last temperature it was set to. The screen above the oval ‘On’ button will read the temperature.
  6. Enter the temperature adjustment mode by holding down the oval button for three seconds. Once the mode is achieved the temperature on the screen will blink. Each press of the oval button in this mode will move the setting between each temperature. Once the preferred temp is selected hold down the oval button for 3 seconds and the vape will go back to heating mode.
  7. The LED light indicator with the Cloudious logo will be lit red while the chamber is heating. It will turn green once the desired temperature has been reached. 
  8. Once temps are achieved simply draw from the mouthpiece slowly, inhale and enjoy. 
  9. To turn off the vape, hold the oval button down for 3 minutes. The Cloudious9 cannot be turned off while in temperature adjustment mode.

We had a pleasant experience using the Atomic9 vape. Vaping around 374°F, the second temperature setting, the vape produces a true-to-flower flavor with a super light vapor. It heats to 374°F in less than a minute. At the next highest setting (392°F) there is a more visible vapor without too much sacrifice in the flavor. Even at 410°F setting the Atomic9 didn’t burn the ground Indica flower that we put in the chamber. When we were finished, the chamber easily emptied and all the herb was vaped evenly throughout. 

One full chamber in the Atomic9 would be enough for around 3-4 stoners to sesh with, no problem. But don’t forget to get a full charge before taking the piece out. Easily check the battery level by holding the operational button down for three seconds, then the Cloudious9 LED logo will light green to indicate full, yellow to show that it’s half, and red to indicate a low battery. To get a full charge plug the small, portable dry herb vape into a USB port for about 50 minutes. 

After using the Atomic9 we can safely say that it would be great to take on the trail for a low profile summit toke. It is small and light so it can fit easily in a fanny pack or jacket pocket. But despite the size it still has a chamber large enough for the core group to sesh together. This is a great portable dry herb vape and definitely worth recommending to someone who prefers flower.

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