Activists in Washington have drafted a bill that would legalize home cannabis cultivation and sharing – provisions not included in I-502, the ballot initiative approved by voters in 2012.

“Washingtonians were told that the intent was to regulate cannabis like alcohol,” the authors of the ‘Washington state cannabis home growing act’ state. “Adults are allowed to brew beer and wine at home, therefore they should be allowed to grow their own cannabis at home.”

Under the measure, adults over 21 would be able to grow up to 18 cannabis plants and transport up to one pound of dried cannabis or six live plants. The proposal includes the ‘in-plain-view’ provision typical to personal-grow policies in other legal states, but provides that all transfers also be performed in private. Home extraction would be permitted, but must be in compliance with I-502.

The drafters say the amendment is needed because it was the voters’ intent “to stop the treatment of adult cannabis use as a crime.”

“The people do not give up their sovereignty to government in order to plant a seed, grow to harvest and enjoy [its] full produce as a right of nature, or to engage in culture and society with other consenting adults, or to develop one’s own personality,” the bill states. “Therefore, humanitarian compassion necessitates this act…”

The proposal has not been taken adopted or sponsored by any member of the Washington legislature.





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