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10 Sacramento, California Dispensaries Robbed In Last Month

A string of at least 10 robberies has struck dispensaries in Sacramento, California; it’s not clear yet whether or not the break-ins are linked.

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Sacramento, California authorities are investigating at least 10 break-ins at legal cannabis businesses in the city over the last month, according to a CBS Local (Sacramento) report. It’s not yet clear whether or not the break-ins are linked.

Management at Twelve Hour Care told CBS Local that thieves stole “everything … from product to cash” during a break-in last week. Twelve Hour Care is located in an industrial zone, which Sacramento Cannabis Industry Association spokesman Rob Baca said was at a greater risk for theft than dispensaries in commercial areas — paired with the fact that cannabusinesses operate in cash. 

“These retail locations belong in commercial corridors, they belong in shopping centers, they belong downtown. They belong in Midtown. There’s lighting, there’s people.” — Baca, to CBS Local

Paul Clemons, who handles compliance and licensing for Twelve Hour Care indicated that during one of the Sacramento break-ins, thieves drove a car through the dispensary. He added that without banking access and being forced to operate with cash dispensaries are “always going to be a target.” Clemons said Twelve Hour Care saves their camera data for 90 days and that it runs 24 hours a day.

The Sacramento Police Department told CBS Local that they have implemented certain crime prevention measures to address the issue but declined to offer details on those steps.

Last month the National Credit Union Administration announced that credit unions could serve cannabis businesses; however most state-approved industry operators still relay on cash due to cannabis’ federal Schedule I status.

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