A collection of clones on display in a California cannabis dispensary.

Shango Los

Canada’s largest medical cannabis producer, Tweed, can begin exporting its product to Germany, after receiving approval from both countries, the company announced yesterday.

“Introducing Tweed product to German medical cannabis patients is an exciting and groundbreaking event,” Bruce Linton, chairman and CEO of Tweed parent company Canopy Growth said in a press release. “Patients will soon have a new choice in variety for their medical cannabis, and we are honored to be involved in the changing landscape for German access and choice.”

Germans can buy medical cannabis in pharmacies for a variety of conditions, but the country has yet to establish adequate domestic production.

Working with MedCann GmbH Pharma and Nutraceuticals (“MedCann”), Tweed will introduce two strains in Germany, with plans to export more varieties as soon as possible. The deal is the first known incidence of a licensed Canadian producer exporting dried cannabis to a major G7 country.

Canopy recently announced agreements to bring its products to markets in Brazil and Australia. With the agreement with Germany, the company now offers products on four continents.

“As the German population now knows, the regulatory aspects and laws concerning medical cannabis have evolved to address the growing needs of medical cannabis patients in Germany,” Dr. Pierre Debs, co-founder of MedCann said in the release. “Now, in the summer of 2016, through the concerted efforts of MedCann and Tweed, patients across Germany can be assured of a new supply and variety of the highest quality medical cannabis.”

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