Survey Finds Consumers Split on Stocking Up Cannabis During Pandemic

A recent survey found that cannabis consumers were fairly evenly split when deciding whether or not to stockpile cannabis while practicing social distancing.

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An survey found cannabis consumers split on whether they stocked up on cannabis products amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, with 51 percent saying they did not stock up compared to 49 percent who did.

Among those who did stock up, 55 percent said it was to help calm them during the “pandemic chaos,” 23 percent said they stocked up out of fear of both the virus and cannabis scarcity, while the remainder said they “didn’t care” about the pandemic they “just wanted to chill out with some weed.” For those who didn’t stock up, 36 percent said they weren’t worried about a potential cannabis shortage, 35 percent said they were prioritizing toilet paper, face masks, and hand sanitizers, and 29 percent said there was no need to stock up on anything.

Two-thirds of respondents surveyed said they had not used more cannabis since the start of the outbreak and more than half (54 percent) said that everything would be “alright” at the end of the pandemic. Just 6 percent said they “didn’t care” about the pandemic, while 40 percent said they were “worried sick.”

The survey also found that food, face masks, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper were all more important than cannabis amid the pandemic; however, 28 percent of those surveyed said they would rather have cannabis than facemasks. Another 5 percent said they would rather have cannabis than food.

The study was conducted on March 24 and included 990 cannabis consumers.

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