Supermajority of Americans Believe Cannabis Companies Should Follow Uniform Environmental Standards

According to a recent poll, 84% of cannabis consumers and 81% of Americans believe cannabis businesses should meet consistent environmental standards.

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More than four in five Americans (81%) along with 84% of cannabis consumers believe that cannabis businesses should meet consistent environmental standards, according to a Harris Poll survey commissioned by SICPA, a leading provider of regulatory compliance solutions, and the Foundation of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS). The survey also found that 72% of Americans and 80% of cannabis consumers believe that cannabis products are grown and produced using consistent product safety standards regardless of which state they are legally purchased in. 

Moreover, the poll found that 77% of Americans and 81% of cannabis consumers believe cannabis industry employers are held to the same health and safety standards for their workers as every other industry.  

In a press release, Karen Gardner, chief marketing officer for SICPA US, said the survey “shows Americans are wholly misinformed about the lack of basic safety and quality protections for cannabis products in many states.”

“Even cannabis consumers themselves aren’t aware that in states where products are legal, there are no uniform standards, leaving lots of room for unsafe, poor-quality products on the market.” — Gardner in a statement 

Overall, 84% of Americans generally and those that consume cannabis supported setting federal standards for cannabis product safety and quality, while 83% of both Americans and those that consume cannabis supported the federal government setting standards for environmental protections that must be met by the U.S. cannabis industry. 

The survey also found overwhelming support for broad legalization at the federal level, with 78% of Americans backing the reforms, along with 86% of cannabis consumers. The poll also found 74% of Americans supportive of federal decriminalization, along with 79% of cannabis consumers.  

Just over half (55%) of those polled had used cannabis at some point in their lives, with 42% saying they had consumed cannabis within the past month, with 16% saying they had consumed cannabis for the first time within the past month.  

A poll commissioned by SICPA last fall found that 83% of Americans supported requiring cannabis products to use secure labels that can’t be counterfeited on cannabis products to ensure potency and consumer safety. 

The recent survey was conducted online within the U.S. between April 26-28, 2022, and included 2,069 adults, of which 1,220 had ever used cannabis products. 

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