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Pittsburg, California Enacts 45-Day Hemp Business Moratorium

The Pittsburg, California City Council has enacted a 45-day moratorium on new hemp businesses in order to prepare hemp regulations that will cooperate with state cannabis laws.

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Lawmakers in Pittsburg, California have enacted a 45-day moratorium on hemp businesses, the East Bay Times reports. The City Council approved the ban after Assistant to the City Manager Jordan Davis cautioned that the city’s current cannabis rules do not address hemp and the city needs an opportunity to draft industry regulations.

Davis said that hemp carries “similar concerns” to THC-rich products because it’s “basically indistinguishable from other types of cannabis” and has potential odor issues. The moratorium includes personal cultivation, but Davis said under the city’s rules “it’s probably something that would be allowed.”

“This would prevent any use of the biomass in the city of Pittsburg. You could not cultivate or extract from it (hemp) or do anything with the plant biomass.” – Davis, during remarks to the Pittsburg City Council, via the East Bay Times

The ban would not stop sales of CBD products in the city from already approved products, he said.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the 45-day hemp business moratorium described above was established in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but the moratorium was actually passed by the City Council for Pittsburg, California.

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