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Paiute Tribe Opens First Cannabis Drive-Thru in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada’s Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace has opened the city’s first drive-thru retail location less than a month after the Paiute Tribe opened the location doors, KSNV News3LV reports. The owners say the option is convenient for people with disabilities and those who are just in a rush.

“Medicinal patients – patients that aren’t able to come into the store, industry workers – people getting out of work not wanting to come inside the store,” Tribe Chairman Benny Tso said in the report. “Being able to look at our online selection, selective online menu, and having them take a look and pick up their products.”

The Nu Wu shop is in a converted bank, and the drive-thru window was already at the location. Every person in the vehicle has to have their IDs checked and the customer must pay cash – as is customary in the industry. Currently, the shop offers a limited selection at the window and expect to get the drive-thru orders completed in 60 to 90 seconds, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

The shop currently employs 105 people — about 10 percent are either Paiute Tribe staff or relatives. According to the report, the profits stay in the Paiute Tribe.



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