Columbus, Ohio


The online portal for registering as a medical cannabis patient in Ohio is now live and taking registrations, according to The Toledo Blade.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy sent notices to physicians, patients, and caregivers that had previously requested information about the program’s launch.

Only state-approved physicians can register new patients on the website, and patients will be charged $50 per year to participate in the registry. Once a patient is registered, they may print proof of registration, or save it to their mobile phones, which will give them access to dispensaries.

Some confusion was caused by the registry’s delay, with some patients believing they were allowed to possess cannabis before they were on the registry due to the “affirmative defense” language in Ohio’s medical cannabis law. That language, however, has been inconsistently applied by judges. Furthermore, the “affirmative defense” language expires when the registry and dispensary programs have been fully rolled out.

State officials said that medical cannabis should be available for patients at licensed dispensaries in Ohio within 60 days.

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