An aerial view of downtown Newark, New Jersey.


New Jersey’s Department of Health announced earlier this week that it will allow dispensaries in the state to list prices online.

New Jersey currently has six vertically-integrated “alternative treatment centers (ATC)” and plans to add another six in the near future.

“Medical marijuana patients should benefit from online price information just as shoppers do when they buy a car, a plane ticket or any other consumer goods. We hope that ATCs take this opportunity to communicate this information to patients. This is part of our ongoing effort to make the Medicinal Marijuana Program more consumer-friendly for patients and caregivers and less restrictive to ATCs.” — Health Commissioner Dr. Shereef Elnahal, in the release

The adjustment was made to the state’s cannabis advertising rules. In letters sent to the ATCs, Assistant Health Commissioner Jeff Brown told them they are now allowed to post lists of prices to social media and on their websites. The ATCs themselves will decide what, if any, information they will share.

New Jersey is in the midst of expanding its medical cannabis program — in fact, the number of patients has doubled since January. Delays surfaced, however, when state officials received 143 applications for just six additional licenses. Each application averages over 300 pages.

New Jersey is also considering full adult-use legalization, though that bill has not been finalized or voted on by state legislators.

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