Fake cease-and-desist notices are being posted to some Michigan medical cannabis dispensaries that are legally operating under the state’s emergency rules. The fake notices come nearly a month after the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs sent more than 200 to shops that had not received temporary permits.

The state stopped issuing cease-and-deists letter on Apr. 18, according to LARA and Michigan State Police.

“LARA reminds applicants and potential licensees that [Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation] Enforcement Officers carry a form of identification that makes it clear that they work for the bureau. … Please ask the enforcement personnel to show this identification at any time. Also, it should be noted that, moving forward, official communication from the State of Michigan will be delivered either via US Postal mail or in-person hand delivery.” – LARA in a press release

David Harns, a spokesman for LARA, told the Detroit Free Press that the department wouldn’t speculate on the motive behind the fraudulent letters or how many businesses had received them.

Last week, the Marihuana Licensing Board approved initial applications for nine businesses under the new regime, according to the Associated Press. Those applications still require physical locations and community approval to proceed.

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