In a statement on Tuesday, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb weighed in on the ongoing CBD oil debate in the Hoosier State, concluding that retailers have 60 days to remove any products containing “any level of THC” from their shelves.

“Applicable law and opinions guide me to direct the Excise Police to perform normal, periodic regulatory spot checks of CBD oil products, focusing on those products which contain any level of THC. Because CBD oil has been sold in Indiana for several years, the excise police will use at least 60 days to educate, inform and issue warnings to retailers so there is a reasonable period of time for them to remove products that contain THC.” – Gov. Holcomb

The announcement comes exactly one week after state Attorney General Curtis T. Hill Jr. said that CBD products “remain unlawful in Indiana” in an official opinion.

“The state and deferral laws that place cannabidiol in the category of Schedule I controlled substances do not hinge on the degree or prevalence of the pharmacological effects of a substance on a person, for those effects vary from person to person, substance to substance, and component to component. Simply put, cannabidiol is a Schedule I controlled substance because marijuana (Cannabis sativa) is a Schedule I controlled substance.” – Attorney General Hill

Indiana does have a medical cannabis statute permitting CBD use; however, Holcomb pointed out that the law covers only severe epilepsy conditions and qualified patients must register with the state Department of Health in order to legally possess such products.

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