Detroit Has More Dispensaries Than Grocery Stores

“Detroit has three casinos, 23 libraries,  107 parks, 115 grocery stores, and – wait for it – 180 medical marijuana dispensaries.”

That’s the opening line of a recent Daily Caller article highlighting the explosive growth of the Detroit medical marijuana dispensary scene, which has really taken off in recent years. Currently, Michigan state law allows medical marijuana use for qualifying patients, but the issue of dispensaries has remained largely unregulated.

In an interview with CBS Detroit, City Councilman James Tate called the industry “the next big thing in the city of Detroit.”

Observing the flow of new businesses, however, Tate has expressed concerns about the possible over-saturation of dispensaries. “It’s not about being against it. It’s about making sure that we’re able to regulate it in a way that ensures the best quality of life for the residents who live in that area.”

A medical marijuana bill was considered by the legislature in December, but failed to pass through the Senate. That bill, however, did not address the issue of dispensaries. Rather, it would have given patients access to non-smokable medicine such as marijuana-infused edibles or tinctures.

Concerned individuals are now looking to the state legislature to set up regulations for dispensaries.


Photo Credit: paul bica


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