Colorado Town Considering Changing Its Name to ‘Kush’

The Colorado town of Moffat is considering changing its name to Kush. The proposal comes from a local cannabis entrepreneur seeking to revitalize the town’s identity.

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A Colorado town is considering changing its name to “Kush,” after the type of cannabis that originated in the Hindu Kush mountain region, the Washington Post reports. The town, Moffat, has a population of about 120 people and proponents say the name change could revitalize the town’s identity and culture while opponents contend it would be disruptive. 

The proposal was brought by Mike Biggio, co-founder of Area 420 which provides land to commercial cannabis cultivators. Biggio told the Post that he is “trying to create something like what happened with Napa Valley or even Humboldt” for the area’s cannabis industry. 

“I think if we can re-brand this and have that designation, then this could be a world-renowned region for cannabis production.” — Biggio to the Post 

Town Trustee Ken Skoglund, a 40-year resident of Moffat, opposes the change, saying that, while he acknowledges the cannabis industry has led to positive changes in the town, it would create frustrations for residents, who would have to change their licenses, addresses, and other identifying documents. 

“It’s a good industry for Moffat,” he told the Post, “but that doesn’t mean it should come in and change the name of the town and disrupt a whole bunch of other people that don’t even care for marijuana.”

The town is currently named after David H. Moffat, a Colorado businessman and railroad builder.

Skoglund said the residents are open to referring to Moffat as “The Kush Capital of Colorado.” The residents met last week to discuss the name change but no decision was made.

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