Colorado Considering Bill to Let School Nurses Provide MMJ to Students

Colorado’s Legislature is considering a bill to allow school nurses to administer medical cannabis to students registered with the state program, according to a KDVR report. The measure, called “Quintin’s Amendment” would be added to “Jack’s Law” which allows students to use medical cannabis in schools.

The bill is sponsored by Democratic Rep. Dylan Roberts and would allow school nurses to administer non-smokable forms of medical cannabis.

“A lot of times these kids, either because of their age or because of their condition, can’t administer the medical marijuana to themselves so they need somebody to do it for them.” – Roberts to KDVR

Hannah Lovato, the mother of Quintin Lovato for whom the bill is named, said that the third-grader requires three doses per day but, due to the family’s schedule, he is only getting two doses per day and his seizures persist.

“If a nurse was able to give him that third dose at school, that would open up his medication doses and help us out immensely. And it may mean the difference between where he’s almost seizure free right now and actually being seizure free if he was able to get that third dose.” – Hannah Lovato to KDVR

The measure is currently in the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee. It’s expected to get heard by that committee March 29.



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