Allison Hare

The Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce (C4) announced Wednesday a new set of standards for the production and presentation of cannabis-infused edibles.

The new guidelines are aimed at preventing edible products from being too appealing to children.

According a press release issued by the organization on Wednesday: “C4 manufactures will no longer produce or sell marijuana infused edibles that are in the shapes of humans or animals. Animal shapes such as gummy bears, gummy worms, ‘sour patch kids’ and others items will be prohibited.”

All 43 members of C4 will be voluntarily adhering to the new standards, though companies like EdiPure — who has historically sold cannabis-infused gummy bears — are expected to suffer minor setbacks due to the changes.

The standards will be integrated over time, with all participating members expected to be in full compliance by October 1, 2016 — the same day that new labeling requirements for cannabis edibles take effect.

“There is a need for restraint in how close a marijuana product appears to resemble every day candy products,” said Senator Kevin Lundberg, Chairman of the Health & Human Services Committee. “I am pleased to see [the] industry recognizing the need for this restraint without requiring legislative mandate.”

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