Celebrity Advocates Highlight America’s Common Ground on Cannabis Reform

Today marks the launch of Cannabis in Common, a new cannabis legalization advocacy initiative backed by the Cannabis Voter Project, the U.S. Cannabis Council, and with support from celebrity cannabis advocates Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman.

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A new cannabis legalization advocacy initiative, Cannabis in Common, launched on Tuesday backed in part by Head Count’s Cannabis Voter Project and the U.S. Cannabis Council. The launch includes videos including Houseplant CEO and comedian Seth Rogen and actress and comedian Sarah Silverman.

“…Despite what you may have heard, Americans can actually agree on something – and that something is weed. Recent polls show more than two-thirds of us now want to legalize cannabis. You know who can not agree on anything though? Politicians. So, despite the fact that 69% of us want cannabis legal, less than half of Senators have come out in favor. In fact, some won’t even say where they stand on the issue at all.” Rogen, “Tell Congress We Have Cannabis in Common”

In the video, Rogen calls on the public to fill their representatives’ “inboxes” and “phone lines” with emails and calls supporting cannabis reform bills that have not been considered for a vote.

“We have a real shot at getting federal legalization now if we speak up,” Silverman says in the narration to a separate, animated, video. “If we don’t make a change soon, we are settling for laws that disproportionately land people of color in prison. We’re leaving hundreds of thousands of jobs on the table and giving up tax revenue that can go toward education and other community investments.”

The organization’s website makes it easier for supporters to email or call their congressional representatives in support of cannabis legalization. Nearly 50 companies and organizations, including Rogen’s Houseplant, Last Prisoner Project, Weedmaps, Marijuana Policy Project, High Times, Curaleaf Holdings, and Canopy Growth have signed on as partners to the campaign.

The launch comes as Republican Rep. Nancy Mace (SC) is circulating a bill to enact federal cannabis reforms. The bill is expected to be filed later this month.

Image sources: https://youtu.be/FXrJNExqIvs, https://youtu.be/hhQZsnV09YM

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