Boulder, CO Annexation Plan Threatens Cannabis Companies

Cannabis companies in east Boulder, Colorado are worried that a plan by the city to annex 15 properties will force them out of business because they would be forced into the jurisdiction of the city’s stricter laws, according to a Daily Camera report.

The properties include seven cannabis-related businesses, which hold a total of 26 licenses to manufacture and sell marijuana products. The businesses are currently under the authority of Boulder County, and a move into the city dominion would mean that the businesses would need to apply for city-issued marijuana licenses.

Kathy Haddock, the assistant city attorney, has assured the business owners that they would be able to maintain their current county licenses while they apply for city permits; however the owners are concerned that they won’t be eligible for city permits due to their proximity to other cannabis manufacturers, or the on-site weight restrictions levied by the city.

Dan Anglin, founder of Americanna, says he typically has 3,500 pounds of candy being processed at his Arapahoe facility – far exceeding the 150-pound limit allowed within the city limits.

“If they include the weight of the candy, I’m out of business,” he said in the report.

Anglin is also concerned with Boulder’s 8-foot grow room limit. His grow rooms are twice that size, and to comply with the city code would require hundreds of thousands of dollars in construction to the site.    

“Most of the businesses are already compliant with Boulder’s laws,” Haddock said, “and the city fully intends to work with those who aren’t…There’s no intent to shut anyone down.”

The City Council approved the measure 5-3 on a first reading. It will be considered by the Planning Board before it heads to the council for a second reading and public hearing.


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