Award-Winning Documentary ‘Cannabis + Creativity’ Lights Up the Film Festival Circuit

The documentary “Cannabis + Creativity,” directed by Elana Frankel, has been lighting up the film festival circuit, winning multiple accolades over the past month.

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“Cannabis + Creativity,” a documentary examining the role of cannabis in the artistic process, has claimed two prestigious awards at film festivals this past month. At the Catskills International Film Festival on October 22, 2023, the film was honored with both Best Documentary and Best Documentary: Audience Selection. Continuing its successful run, it also secured the Best Documentary award at the Montreal Women Film Festival a mere week later.

Directed by Elana Frankel with executive producers Etain, a woman-owned cannabis brand based in New York, along with Dr. Nancy B. Austin, “Cannabis + Creativity” spotlights the personal and professional insights of artists who incorporate cannabis into their creative workflow. Assistant Director Kassia Graham and Cabin Creek Films contribute to a film that features a prominent lineup, including scientist Miyabe Shields, PhD, Chef Ali, jazz singer Kaya Nicole, musician treya lam, creative director Sam Jones, and poet Jasmine Mans.

The film’s exploration of cannabis’ impact on creativity has resonated with audiences and critics alike, generating a buzz on social media and earning positive reviews: Cara Wietstock of GreenState praised the documentary for providing “a full meal for thought in a short time frame.”

This documentary’s success is reflective of a larger conversation about the intersection of cannabis use and art, a connection that has long been understood but seldom explored in-depth in mainstream culture.

The featured interviews in “Cannabis + Creativity” give a voice to those who see cannabis as an integral part of their artistic endeavor. From the culinary arts to jazz music and poetry, the documentary presents cannabis as a muse and a partner in the creative process, inviting viewers to reconsider the potential of this often-misunderstood plant.

For updates on the documentary’s tour and viewing opportunities, audiences can follow Elana Frankel on Instagram.

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