Aurora Delivers Medical Cannabis to France Pilot Program

Aurora Cannabis Inc. and partner Ethypharm have successfully delivered a shipment of dried cannabis flower for France’s two-year pilot program, which will serve 3,000 patients.

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Aurora Cannabis Inc. and partner Ethypharm have successfully delivered a shipment of dried cannabis flower to France’s medical cannabis pilot program, the companies said in a press release. Selected by the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health (ANSM), the two firms agreed to the exclusive contract in October 2020. Aurora says they will provide three different cultivars of medical cannabis to the program, a high THC strain, a 1:1 THC:CBD variety, and a high CBD offering.

Aurora CEO Miguel Martin said “the first prescriptions of dried medical cannabis as part of the French pilot program are a significant step toward providing access to patients and will support the destigmatization of medical cannabis in France.

“This accomplishment is another example of Aurora’s leadership in global cannabis, with a proven track record of supporting the advancement of international medical cannabis markets alongside government bodies.”Martin in a statement

Aurora Nordic, the company’s European arm, will grow the cannabis in Odense, Denmark while Ethypharm is responsible for delivering medicine to patients. Dried cannabis flower will be administered to patients via a STORZ & BICKEL vaporizer. The two-year French pilot program will serve 3,000 patients.

Ethypharm Chief Commercial Operations Officer Jean Monin believes the joint venture is the right approach to build trust and confidence in medical cannabis for the long term in France. Monin said the company wants to be a “driving force” to help French patients “suffering from chronic pain when there is no other therapeutic option than medical cannabis.”

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