An indoor cannabis crop in a licensed cannabis cultivation site in Washington state.

Sarah Climaco

Arizona Senate Passes MMJ Testing Bill, Moves to House

Arizona’s Senate has approved a measure to test medical cannabis products in the state 27-3. The testing regime, which is required in all other states with medical cannabis laws, would require testing for both impurities and THC content.

The legislation would also require that medical cannabis products sold in the state are labeled correctly and that cultivators disclose all pesticides and chemicals used in the growing process on product labels along with the registered patient’s name and ID card number.

If approved, the law would require state Department of Health Services officials to begin inspecting dispensaries for “sanitary conditions for storing and processing” medical cannabis products and mold “in any building operated by the dispensary” beginning June 1, 2019.

The bill would also begin treating medical cannabis products as an agricultural commodity on June 1, 2019, which would make the products subject to agricultural rules and regulations and permit the Department of Agriculture director to “enter at reasonable times into or on a private property where medical marijuana is cultivated to determine compliance or noncompliance with any rules or orders.” The bill sets aside $2 million to the Agriculture Department “for the purpose of regulating marijuana as an agricultural commodity.”

The bill has been moved to the House but has not been assigned yet to a committee.

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