2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Ganjapreneurs

Welcome to Ganjapreneur’s curated gift guide for the 2023 holiday season. Whether you’re seeking the perfect present for a colleague in the industry or a thoughtful token for a friend who appreciates the finer aspects of cannabis culture, this year’s selection offers something for everyone. From innovative cultivation tools and sophisticated accessories to enriching reads that delve into the history and science of cannabis, each item in this guide represents a deeper appreciation and understanding of cannabis, making them ideal for anyone who is involved in or passionate about the industry.

Editor’s note: Prices listed are current as of date of publishing. Some of these products are offered by Ganjapreneur’s partners, and Ganjapreneur may receive an affiliate commission on purchases made after clicking some of the links on this page.

Here, we’ve handpicked items that not only enhance the cannabis experience but also bring a touch of elegance and efficiency.

Resin Cleanse

Is your loved one someone who cherishes their cannabis ritual and their beloved dab rig, pipe, or bong? Resin Cleanse is here to enhance their experience. This isn’t just another cleaning product; it’s a thoughtful gesture that shows you understand and appreciate their passion for the high life. Imagine gifting them the ability to rejuvenate their favorite smoking piece, without the funky odors of petroleum-based options or the hassle of common DIY approaches. Resin Cleanse, with its plant-based, all-natural formula, does more than just clean; it revitalizes and restores, bringing back the piece’s original clarity and shine. For the connoisseur in your life, this means a renewed appreciation for the pure flavors of their chosen flower or concentrate.

Price / Details:

  • Large Starter Kit: $29.38 $25.99 | Buy Now
  • Small Starter Kit: $21.48 $18.99 | Buy Now

Cannagar Starter Bundle by Purple Rose Supply

For the sophisticated social stoner in your life, the Purple Rose Supply Cannagar Starter Bundle could be a game-changer. This premium blunt rolling solution elevates the smoking experience, allowing anyone to craft perfect, slow-burning cannagars with ease. The set includes a Cannagar Mold for perfect blunt cigars, paper shells you could easily slide your cannagar core into, skewers for a smooth airflow, wood blunt tips for a touch of class, a built-in funnel for mess-free packing, a packing tool for maximum compression, a CannaTube for curing on the move, and a 4ml spit-free rolling glue. More than a novelty gift, it’s an upgrade to their entire smoking ritual, ensuring they can keep the session going longer and in style: Purple Rose is perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in their cannabis journey, and for those who would rather spend their time smoking instead of rolling.

Price / Details:

  • Cannagar Starter Bundle: $104.49 $88.82 | Buy Now

Dynavap “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

For the adventurous stoner who loves to backpack, climb, ski/snowboard, and explore off the grid, the Dynavap “B” is the ideal companion. This brilliantly simple dry herb vaporizer, designed with first-time users in mind, offers the convenience of portability without the need for electrical parts. No battery means there’s no need to worry about charging, perfect for those long treks into nature: just bring a heat source (butane torch recommended) and you’re set. The “B” features a single fin Stainless Steel Tip for quick extraction, a food-grade silicone stem with an airport and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece, adaptable for use with or without glass. Comprised of only five parts and made from Stainless Steel and Silicone, the Dynavap “B” is not just durable; it’s a trusty tool for the active cannabis lover who prefers to ditch combustion without compromising their herbal experience, no matter how far off the beaten path they venture.

Price / Details:

  • Dynavap “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer: $49.00 | Buy Now
  • Dynavap “B” Starter Package (includes torch): $69.00 | Buy Now

KLIP Grinder by HØJ

For the discerning cannabis enthusiast who values both elegance and innovation, the KLIP by HØJ is a gift that stands out. This high-end, customizable grinder revolutionizes the herb grinding process. Its unique dual-blade system delicately slices the herb, preserving crystal integrity and ensuring a fluffier, more evenly burning consistency for a potent experience. The innovation continues with opposing magnets that levitate the central pin, facilitating an almost frictionless turn and eliminating the common issues of clogging and sticking found in traditional grinders. The KLIP’s magnetic accessory system further enhances its appeal, offering easy-to-snap control discs and a collection mesh for varying grind sizes, from fine for cones to coarse for pipes. It’s not just a grinder; it’s a luxury experience in herb preparation, perfect for those who appreciate the subtle nuances of their session prep.

Price / Details:

There’s no better way to connect with the cannabis plant than to grow and harvest your own. Here are some gift ideas for the aspiring home grower in your life.

Hey abby 420 Edition Grow System

Looking to splurge on your tech-savvy cannabis partner, parent, or sibling who has always wanted to grow their own cannabis but never taken the plunge? Look no further than the Hey abby Automated Hydroponic Grow Box 420 Edition. This managed single-plant cultivation unit offers a seamless entry into home growing, perfect for beginners or those preferring a plug-and-play solution over complex DIY setups. This system simplifies cultivation, promising yields of up to 6 oz of dry flower, and can be used for both photo and auto flowers, as well as clones and seeds. Along with navigating the journey of “plant parenthood,” Hey abby also helps users save time and money, with an 80% reduction in effort compared to traditional grow tents and up to 90% cost savings versus buying from dispensaries. Note: 1-on-1 support is sold separately through a subscription. 3 months are included, and more can be bundled at time of purchase.

Price / Details:

  • Hey Abby 420 Edition: $699.00 $499.00 | Buy Now

BudTrainer Big Bud Bundle

The Budtrainer Big Bud Bundle is the perfect gift for the practicing home grower seeking to expand their cultivation repertoire. This comprehensive package includes a selection of BudPots, eco-friendly containers designed to optimize root depth and also air-prune roots for healthier plant growth, available in several different sizes. The package also features BudClips, designed to simplify the process of growing large buds by allowing for easy branch bending, ensuring optimal light and airflow. Completing the set are BudHuggers, durable and soft garden ties that help to increase canopy area and improve plant health. Together, these components will empower the home grower in your life to train robust, healthy plants, making the Big Bud Bundle an excellent gift for any cultivator looking to upgrade their home setup with professional-grade tools.

Price / Details:

  • Budtrainer Big Bud Bundle: $59.89 $49.99 | Buy Now

Here you will find a curated selection of captivating books that would appeal to any readers with a deep-rooted passion for cannabis.

Smoke Signals by Martin Lee

Smoke Signals by Martin Lee is an essential read for anyone intrigued by the history and cultural impact of cannabis. Lee, an award-winning investigative journalist and co-founder of Project CBD, guides readers through the herb’s journey from its earliest known medicinal use to its central role in ongoing cultural wars, culminating in its transformation into a multi-billion-dollar industry. The book not only explores the historical timeline of cannabis’s role in society, but also dives into scientific breakthroughs revealing the plant’s potential in treating health conditions like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. For the cannabis professional who is fatigued by the daily grind or burned out from the conference circuit, this captivating book offers a treasure trove of information and a refreshing meditation on the plant’s rebellious roots.

Price / Details:

  • Paperback via Powell’s Books: $22.00 $12.95 | Buy Now

A Weed Is a Flower by Broccoli Magazine

A Weed is a Flower, published by Broccoli Magazine, is an enchanting photography anthology that artfully presents cannabis in a new light. This 168-page hardcover book is a celebration of the natural beauty of cannabis, showcased in magical floral arrangements alongside other captivating blooms like zebra grass, lady slipper orchids, and baby’s breath. The book is a compilation of favorite shoots from the pages of Broccoli and fresh contributions from over 25 innovative photographers and floral artists from around the world. This anthology is more than just a coffee table book; it’s a reminder of the special place cannabis holds in many hearts and cultures. Measuring 8.8″ x 10.8″ in hardcover format, it’s an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the artistry and multifaceted nature of cannabis, making it a perfect addition to any discerning cannabis lover’s collection.

Price / Details:

  • Hardcover via Broccoli Magazine: $39.00 | Buy Now

Interpening by Trichome Institute

Interpening by Max Montrose of the Trichome Institute is a must-have for cannabis lovers aiming to refine their understanding and appreciation of the plant. This book delves into the art and science of “interpening,” a unique method of assessing cannabis quality and predicting its psychotropic effects, moving beyond traditional strain names and hybrid classifications. The Interpening approach is a multi-level mastery certification that has gained worldwide recognition and application across various sectors of the cannabis industry: this book is a companion to the courses (the certification program is sold separately). More than a simple guide, this book is an educational reference that enhances the reader’s ability to evaluate cannabis like a pro. Whether your loved one is a casual consumer, an industry worker, or someone interested in the deeper science behind cannabis, Interpening is an ideal gift for anyone looking to deepen their cannabis knowledge and become a more informed consumer.

Price / Details:

  • Hardcover via Trichome Institute: $64.95 | Buy Now

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