LIVE UPDATES: Election 2016 Marijuana Legalization Initiatives

It’s been a wild ride in the build up to today’s 2016 general election. We are witnessing a historic number of states putting the question of cannabis reform before voters: five states are considering recreational legalization, and four more might join the ranks of states with medical marijuana programs. There is also an opportunity for Denver, Colorado to create a regulatory structure for social use clubs in the city, and countless votes in municipal districts throughout the country.

By tonight’s finish, we will know which states have succeeded and who must try again in later elections. Check back here for regular updates across all of the initiatives that are going in front of voters! We will be updating this piece throughout the evening and late into the night.

Below, you will find specific articles covering each of the major cannabis-related votes:

Recreational Cannabis Legalization

California’s Prop. 64

Nevada’s Question 2

Arizona’s Prop. 205

Massachusetts’ Question 4

Maine’s Question 1

Medical Marijuana Legalization

Montana’s I-182

North Dakota’s Measure 5

Arkansas’ Issue 6

Florida’s Amendment 2

Other Cannabis Initiatives

Denver’s Initiative 300, a social use measure

Oregon municipality votes regarding a 3% local tax on retail cannabis sales

VIDEO: Overview of Cannabis Initiatives

Below is a brief overview of all the different state-level cannabis initiatives on the ballot this election cycle. With nine total states voting on expanding access to cannabis, this year presents an unprecedented opportunity for legalization advocates and medical cannabis patients.