Montana Medical Marijuana Initiative 182 Results: Live Updates

Montana’s “Medical Marijuana Act” is not much of a medical cannabis legalization vote, it’s more of a re-legalization vote. Specifically, this law repeals a whole heap of restrictions that were put in place by state lawmakers years ago and upheld earlier this year by the Montana Supreme Court. Starting August 31, medical cannabis providers in Montana were limited to serving only three patients. This effectively gutted the marketplace and likely pushed thousands of patients into the unregulated or “illicit” market for their medicine.

In response, advocates rapidly came together and assembled and drafted Initiative 182, which essentially undoes all of the unnecessary and noncompassionate legislative restrictions.

Update 1:00 am PST — Montana voters have once again chosen to allow for a sophisticated medical cannabis industry, coming out in a 56-44 split in favor of medicinal marijuana, according to the Associated Press.

Update 11:00 pm EST – Early returns in Montana show 57 percent support for I182, with 43 percent opposed, with 5 percent of precincts reported, according to the Associated Press via Google’s Election Tracker.

Check back to this post for live updates as we follow the evening’s developments.

Initiative 182, “Montana Medical Marijuana Act”

Taxes: There are no changes to the tax structure.

Fees: License fees for providers and producers may not exceed $1,000 for 10 or fewer registered cardholders; no more than $5,000 for more than 10.

Lab license fees cannot exceed $1,200.

Revenue disbursement: A special revenue account will be created to pay any administrative fees associated with the changes.

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