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Reach cannabis venture capital firms, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Submit your cannabis industry website, domain, or online business below.


What types of domains do we accept?

We accept domains that are relevant and that reflect well on the cannabis industry. We do not accept domains that are irrelevant, that infringe on trademarks, or that are offensive or otherwise paint the industry in a negative light.

Who determines the pricing?

The prices of domains published in our market are defined by the sellers. We do not appraise domain names, and when choosing your listed price we encourage you to consider that the price of a domain is often subjet to negotiation prior to purchase. You may also choose not to list the price publicly, or you may set the price as "make an offer."

What happens when someone makes an offer?

When someone reaches out about a domain name's price or availability, we will notify you and ask how you wish to proceed. If you define a minimum offer in advance, we will only contact you about offers that exceed it.

How does the transfer work once an agreement is reached?

Once an agreement with the buyer is reached, we will set up a transaction through This process can take several days to complete. When the sale is complete, Ganjapreneur will collect a 15% commission on the transaction.

Submit your domain below:

After you submit your listing and payment, we will evaluate your domain to determine if it is a good fit for our market. If your domain is accepted, we will contact you for additional details and notify you when the listing is active, which usually takes 3-5 business days. If for any reason your domain is not accepted, we will refund your transaction.

Submitting more than one domain? Email us at to inquire about bulk pricing.