Liver Disease

This section deals with Liver Disease and the endocannabinoid pathways, which are modulated by Cannabis. Though the adult liver does not contain many cannabinoid signaling sites, there is a proven correlation of Cannabis and liver health, especially among those who have alcohol damaged livers or other non-alcoholic induced liver diseases such as Hepatitis.

What is Liver Disease?

There are many causes and types of liver disease, all simply characterized by damage to the liver. Hepatitis infection, fatty liver disease, Cirrhosis, fascioliasis, alcoholic liver disease and others are among the primary categories of liver disease. Chronic liver disease is characterized by many symptoms, including jaundice or yellowed skin and weight loss.

What is known about Liver Disease and Cannabis?

The research shows that Cannabis can have two different effects on the liver. With long term Hepatitis C sufferers, there is a correlation that seems to indicated Cannabis-using Hepatitis patients have more damage to their liver. However, several studies indicate that medication with Cannabidiol (CBD) reduces the amount of liver damage present in several different conditions, such as liver transplant or Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. The studies indicate a need for much more research that separates THC from CBD and other Cannabinoids to better understand how Cannabis modifies liver disease.