The studies in this section look at several possible clinical effects of Cannabis & CBD on Epilepsy, both recent work and meta-studies of older work. Most of the base work of studying Cannabis on Epilepsy was done on rats and showed promise. Cannabis has been demonstrated across many studies to have anti-convulsant and anti-seizure characteristics in certain animals, including humans.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a group of brain disorders all sharing seizures due to brain activity as their defining characteristic. The exact cause of most epileptic seizures is not known. Seizures can vary in type from barely detectable and brief to long, violent thrashing episodes. In patients with epilepsy, seizures typically continue to reoccur over time.

What is known about Cannabis and Epilepsy?

The research shows that it is CBD, or possibly a CBD-weighed ratio of CBD to THC that best manages Epilepsy. While several studies show CBD specifically as reducing seizure rate in Epilepsy patients, the greater scientific community often has issues with the design of the studies in question. Most of the meta-studies reveal that another large issue with studying CBD for Epilepsy is that CBD’s manufacturing process is unregulated and varies greatly from producer to producer.