The studies in this category explore the relationship between Cannabis and addiction. Various forms of addiction were studied, including opioid, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis addiction. The neurological basis of addiction has only started to become clear in the last ten years and many of these studies are current and relatively well designed.

What is Addiction?

Addiction is a brain disorder in which there is continued, compulsive repetition of rewarding stimuli even though there may be consequences which outweigh the short-term feeling of reward. Addiction can occur due to many types of stimuli, including things like drugs, gambling or sex. Addiction is a primarily a physical, biological condition though there are many social and psycho-social causes that can lead to and reinforce the final, physiological condition of addiction.

What is known about Addiction and Cannabis?

The basis for Cannabis’s effects on addiction seems to be centered on CBD, with possible improvement for opioids when paired with low amounts of THC. CBD modulates the brain’s reward system, which is the basis for most addictive behaviors. CBD and CBD:THC showed strong potential in several studies for preventing relapse into addiction as well as reducing consumption of addictive drugs, including tobacco and opioids especially.