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Ganjapreneur is always looking for interview candidates to feature on our website. Our ideal interview candidate is someone managing an operational business in any of the industries related to cannabis and hemp. From tourism and recreational consumption, to medical and biotech, to industrial hemp, building materials, and agriculture, we want to help ganjapreneurs inform the public about the wide economic impact that the legalization and regulation of these industries will have.

To ask about an interview regarding your company, please email interviews [at] ganjapreneur [dot] com and include your phone number, links to your website and social media pages, and the location of your business. If we think you are a good fit, we will send you a preliminary round of questions.

Please know that we may occasionally have waiting lists and we always reserve the right not to publish any material submitted to us. Our ultimate goal is to educate, inform, and inspire, so we encourage all interviewees to represent their endeavors openly, honestly, and thoroughly enough to give readers information that they won’t find anywhere else.