Peter McConnochie

The Paris prosecutor’s office has tasked French narcotics investigators with checking out coffee shops selling low-THC, high-CBD cannabis products, according to The Local.

The coffee shops selling the CBD-rich cannabis opened last week, taking advantage of a gray area that does not define restrictions on CBD. The primary target of the investigation is the shop that goes by the name “Cofyshop” in a very fashionable neighborhood of Paris.

The owner of Cofyshop, Joaquim Lousquy, had previously noted that police had trouble telling the difference between the CBD-rich, low-THC cannabis and typical and controlled high-THC cannabis. French law requires that any cannabis sold contain less than 0.2% THC, which is a standard Lousquy has said his store is meeting.

Many stores selling high CBD, low THC cannabis have opened in France in the wake of Cofyshop’s opening. The glut of new stores, however, is perhaps attracting too much attention for the legal gray area to survive. The Times reports that French government officials are beginning to threaten these shops with closure in the next several weeks.


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